Have it done your way - Our services can be adapted quickly and efficiently to your requirements. Tell us what you need, and we will do our best to make sure that you get it.

Benefit from our Independence - We make our own decisions on all aspects of business, without having to refer to other offices. Our customer is able to deal directly with the people that decide RSL policy.

It's easy to deal with RSL - On receipt of the smallest piece of information by phone, email or fax, we begin to build a fully comprehensive file for each individual consignment. There are no forms for you to complete, just talk to us about your requirements, and leave the rest to us.

We like to keep it simple - We pride ourselves on doing the simple things well. If we say we will ring you back, we will ring you back. If you ask for information, you will get it.

Be confident that your freight is being cared for - Every file is checked and updated every day. Your cargo is tracked through every stage of transit.

24/7 Cover and assistance - Our office telephone is diverted to a mobile during out of hours, weekends and holiday periods. Remote computer capability allows full access to our internal systems and information archive at all times.

Let us keep a note of your special requirements - Our database can record any specific opening hours, contact names, phone numbers etc. and flag these up for future use on repeat shipments.

Be better equipped to compete - If you are looking to break in to a new market, let us provide you with information on freight rates, services and transit times.